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On 2017-10-30
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Stress Check by APK is the best app ever. I have tried it once and think it's fake.But when i realize use it more than 3 times in 3 days. then i start realize that this isn't fake , hell man it's true all it's results are damn true...

Stress Check AppWith the advancement in technology, Azumio has come up with an app called Stress Check App that determines the level of stress in your body. If you use iPhone or Android then you can download this application from the store and keep your stress levels in check.

How Stress check by Azumio Working:

People nowadays fail to notice the psychological signs of mental pressure and this way, they fall victim to health problems like chronic depression and hypertension. To cultivate a more mindful attitude towards your body, you need to keep your tension levels in analyze.

Stress Checker App

You have to give this a few input values like your age and sex. Then all you have to do is to press the start button and a red light would appear on the flash of your camera. Place the tip of your finger over the light and try to relax. If you are feeling too stressful then you should take deep breaths and try to calm your mind, heart and body. The reading takes approximately two minutes and the monitor calculates your heart rate variability. When the test is in progress the screen lets you know if you need to press your finger properly. Moreover, you can also see the progress and the time it would take to complete the test. After this, the heart rate reading is translated on to the stress monitor and the gauge shows the stress level.

History inspect:

The pro version of this game also allows you to save your stress levels so you can save history and keep an eye for the alarming tension levels. It would also tell you when you need to maintain or lower your current mental or body pressure levels. The Stress Check app gives you an idea of the potential factors that could be causing high stress levels and as well as the immediate precautions that could be taken to avoid the issue any further.

If you are concerned about your heart rate or your stress levels or if you want to sustain the current mental pressure levels, then download this Stress Check app for free and you would be good to go.

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