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This is the best Pokémon Go for teenagers and adults who love Pokémon and want to play this app. Install it Once. It is the best app in Pokémon game side.



Pokémon Go IntroductionPokémon Go IntroductionPokémon Go Introduction
Ingress and Nintendo released an insanely popular reality based game called Pokémon Go. Nowadays, Pokémon Go is the most hyped thing around because you can see a lot of people in public with phones in their hands, wandering in the search of Pokémon’s. This game has captured the interests and imagination of teenagers and adults.

This is the game that has boosted the Pokémon craze once again after so many years and it is enthralling a new generation of players.


Pokémon Go

The developers have come up with an interesting and unique concept for this game. Pokémon Go famous game is based on augmented reality. Which means that in this game, you have to catch a virtual Pokémon. The Pokémons are spread across various regions in your city and all you have to do is visit that place. And catch the Pokémon. The player sees the map of all the places where the Pokémons are spread. If you want to catch the Pokémon, you would have to follow the directions and you would be able to keep track of the Pokémon you are chasing.

System requirements:

The good thing about Pokémon Go game is that it is compatible to use with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. However, the game requires the android system to have the Kit Kat version or later. If you are a Mac user, then you should have iOS 8.0 or later to play this game.

Mechanics and Features:

If you are a newbie player and aren’t aware of the mechanics and features of the game, you don’t have anything to worry about.

  • When you find a Pokémon and reach at the destination. Then, three footprints will appear which would mean that it is just three steps away. Upon reaching there, all you would have to do is throw the Pokeballs by swiping your phone screen.
  • Another good thing about the game is that you can help your friends on the way to capture their Pokémons without losing sight of yours.

Pokémon Go is the game that you don’t afford to miss. You can indulge in the game right now and hunt the Pokémons roaming around you. We believe that exploring, collecting and catching is exciting especially when you spend your time outdoors. You can download this app from Here

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