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This is the best android app to download other apps . I have use it twice . This app lets you enjoy your iOS device without having to pay for paid applications and games that you want to take advantage from.

Overview of Hipstore Download


Hipstore Download LogoIf you are a fan of downloading a lot of apps and tweaks on your phone, then Hipstore Download is the ultimate solution. This app lets you enjoy your iOS device without having to pay for paid applications and games that you want to take advantage from.

Most of the iPhone users don’t get to enjoy the latest applications and games on their phones due to the high price. However, they can quench their thirst by linking their phones to Hipstore Download and download unlimited applications. Developers have come up with this exclusive application so you can have access to all the paid iphone apps on iTunes. This is the ultimate solution one has who is seeking to get the IOS paid apps.

Saving money

Hipstore Download also allows you to save quite a bit of money which you would otherwise spend on buying all the apps. The best thing about this is that you won’t have to Jailbreak your phone in order to get everything. Or in other words, you can simply say that Hipstore is an app which contains an unlimited amount of apps, games and much more for free. If you have ever used applications like Appcke and sync, then you would find android app apk easy too.

Features of Store




Even if you speak a foreign language and don’t use English as your official language, you can still download this app because it is available in various other languages too.

Hipstore Download App

The database is vast and there are millions of apps available.

It also available in the jailbreak form and contains many other apps like Instant messages, games, ringtones and more.

The installation of phone app is quite easy.

The app is compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 10.

Download for everyone

If you want access to the premium one, then download Hipstore from your iTunes because the downloading process is quite easy. You have to follow a step by step procedure that you can see from their official website or get it below:

Download HipStore for Android APK

Download HipStore for IOS Apple IPA File

Get Top GTA Games on HipStore

  1. GTA Vice City Download For Vice City IOS Here, For Android GTA Here
  2. GTA San Andreas Download For GTA IOS Here, For IOS GTA Here

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